Tohu Bohu
by Rone

Ever since his debut on Infine in 2008, French producer, Erwan Castex aka Rone, has pushed a more cinematic, melancholic nuance into his music. In the three years since his debut, 'Spanish Breakfast', Castex has uprooted from his Parisian base and relocated to Berlin - this move having a significant effect on the evolution of his music. Refusing to calibrate his micro-house rhythms for the Berghain dancefloor, Castex works more panoramic arrangements in to this ambitious, opulent-sounding album, 'Tohu Bohu'.

The album adopts its own charm by invitation of High Priest from Anti-Pop Consortium to feature on 'Let's Go', navigating between the crystalline, electronic mood of 'Lilli... Wood' and the brooding techno of 'Fugu Kiss'. Elsewhere, the hypnotic glaze of 'Parade' and the ardent ambience of 'La Grande Ourse' provide other highlights on this accomplished body of work.

Tracklisting : 

A1 - Tempelhof
A2 - Bye Bye Macadam
A3 - La Grande Ourse

B1 - Fugu Kiss
B2 - Beast

C1 - Let's Go (feat. High Priest)
C2 - King Of Batoofam
C3 - Lili...Wood

D1 - Parade
D2 - Icare (feat. Gaspar Claus)

2LP - Standard Edition
VAT excl. €16,67

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