Spanish Breakfast - White Vinyl Edition
by Rone

Debut full length from French producer/DJ Rone.

A record of simmering techno bubbles and gentle wells and releases swimming elegantly over its duration. A playful and woozy effort, Rone fills up the stereo field with widescreen synthscapes and dreamy bleeps popping from every audio crevice. In Spanish Breakfast the young Frenchman has crafted a player that is primed for hazy Spring afternoons bathed in sunshine. bleep like this alot...

Tracklisting :

A1 - Intro
A2 - Spanish Breakfast (Video Edit)
A3 - Belleville
A4 - Aya Ama
A5 - Interlude In The Bed
A6 - Poisson Pilote

B1 - Bora Vocal
B2 - Tasty City
B3 - La Dame Blanche
B4 - Outro

LP - White Vinyl
VAT excl. €12,50

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