Metal Slug Complete Soundtracks & Artbook

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Metal Slug Complete Soundtracks & Artbook

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Pour le 25e anniversaire de la légendaire série de SNK, Wayô Records est heureux de présenter cette édition complète des bandes originales de METAL SLUG, réparties sur 6 CD et accompagnés d'un artbook exclusif de 96 pages !


For the 25th anniversary of SNK's legendary series, Wayô Records is pleased to present this complete edition of the original METAL SLUG soundtracks, spread over 6 CDs and accompanied by an exclusive 96-page artbook!


01 The Military System (Operation Explanation / Ranking)
02 Main Theme From Metal Slug (Stage 1)
03 Steel Beast 5Beats (Boss Stage)
04 Carry Out (Stage Clear)
05 Inner Station (Stage 2)
06 Assault Theme (Stage 3)
07 Ridge 256 (Stage 4)
08 Gerhardt City (Stage 5)
09 Final Attack (Stage 6)
10 End Title (Final Performance 1P)
11 Hold You Still! (Final Performance 2P)
12 Gravestone (Game Over)
13 The Military System (Operation Explanation, Ranking)
14 Barracks (Character Select)
15 Judgment (Stage 1-1)
16 Steel Beast 6Beats (Boss Theme A)
17 Prehistoric Site (Stage 2-1)
18 The Cenotaph (Stage 2-3)
19 First Contact (Boss Theme B, Stage 6-2)
20 Livin On The Deck (Stage 3-1)
21 Assault Theme (Boss Theme C, Stage 6-1)
22 Back To The China (Stage 4-1)
23 New Godokin Street (Stage 5-1)
24 Kiss In The Dark (Stage 5-2)
25 Metamorphosis (Stage 5-3)
26 Gravestone (Game Over)
27 Final Attack (Stage 6-3)
28 End Title Again (Final Performance)
29 Carry Out (Stage Clear)

01 The Military System -X- (Operation Explanation, Ranking)
02 Barracks -X- (Character Select)
03 Judgment -X- (Stage 1-1)
04 Steel Beast 6Beats -X- (Boss Theme A)
05 Prehistoric Site -X- (Stage 2-1)
06 The Cenotaph -X- (Stage 2-3)
07 First Contact -X- (Boss Theme B, Stage 6-2)
08 Livin On The Deck -X- (Stage 3-1)
09 Assault Theme -X- (Boss Theme C, Stage 6-1)
10 Back To The China -X- (Stage 4-1)
11 New Godokin Street -X- (Stage 5-1)
12 Kiss In The Dark -X- (Stage 5-2)
13 Metamorphosis -X- (Stage 5-3)
14 Gravestone -X- (Game Over)
15 Final Attack -X- (Stage 6-3)
16 End Title Again -X- (Final Performance)
17 MS_X Ending -X- (End Credits)
18 Carry Out -X- (Stage Clear)
19 The Military System (Operation Explanation, Ranking)
20 Barracks (Character Select)
21 Blue Water Fangs -The Island of Dr. Moreau- (Main Theme From METAL SLUG 3) (Stage 1)
22 Marine Diver (Stage 1 Altanative Route〜Deep Sea)
23 The Unknown World (Stage 1 Altanative Route〜Core Facility, UFO Interior Passage 1)
24 Steel Beast 7Beats (Boss Theme A)
25 Midnight Wandering (Stage 2)
26 Devil's Snow Cave (Stage 1 Altanative Route〜Cave of Ice)
27 Metamorphosis (Boss Theme B)
28 The Shallow Sea (Stage 3)
29 Hard Water (Stage 3 Altanative Route〜Underground Channel)
30 Assault Theme (Stage 3 Altanative Route〜Bridge, Stage 5-2)
31 Secret Factory (Stage 3 Altanative Route〜Armory)
32 Desert (Stage 4)
33 Pyramid (Stage 1 Altanative Route〜Pyramid)
34 The Cenotaph (Stage 4 Altanative Route〜Ancient Ruins)
35 The Japanese Army (Stage 4 Altanative Route〜Ex-military Hideout)
36 Into the Sky (Stage 5-1)
37 The Kidnapping (Alien Appearance)
38 Into the Cosmos (The Void of Space)
39 Kiss In The Dark (Enemy UFO Interior)
40 First Contact (UFO Interior Passage 2)
41 Bioinformatics (UFO Interior Passage 3)
42 Escape (UFO Escape)
43 Final Attack (Final Boss)
44 End Title (Final Production〜Staff Roll)
45 Gravestone (Game Over)
46 Carry Out (Stage Clear)

01 Declare War (Opening Demo)
02 Choose A Person (Character Select)
03 Let's Run Through! (Stage 1)
04 Show Spirit (Stage 2)
05 Snowy Road (Stage 3)
06 Cadaverous (Stage 4)
07 Go Ahead! (Stage 5)
08 The Scene Of A Hard Battle (Boss 1)
09 Furiously (Boss 2)
10 Secret Place (Stage 6)
11 Uncanny Laugh (Demo Before Last Boss)
12 Final Madness (Last Boss)
13 Escape (Demo After Last Boss)
14 Good Ending
15 Bad Ending
16 End To The War (End Credits)
17 The Military System -MS5 VERSION- (Operation Explanation)
18 Sortie! (Character Select)
19 Heavy African (Stage 1-1)
20 Ruins Excavation (Stage 1-2)
21 Windy Day (Stage 2-1)
22 Zoom Down (Stage 2-2)
23 Intrigue (Stage 3)
24 Run Through (Stage 4-1)
25 Bottom Of The Sea (Stage 4-2)
26 Gravestone -MS5 VERSION- (Game Over)
27 Fierce Battle (Normal Boss Battle)
28 Carry Out -MS5 VERSION- (Stage Clear)
29 Speeder (Stage 5-1)
30 Lastditch Resistance (Stage 5-2)
31 Final Attack -MS5 VERSION- (Last Boss)
32 Road To Success (End Credits)

01 Last Resort (Character Select)
02 Main Theme from MS6 (Stage 1-1)
03 Cliff and Cave (Stage 1-2)
04 Steel Beast 6+7 Beets (Boss 1)
05 Carry Out -MS6 version- (Stage Clear)
06 Inner Goldfield (Stage 2)
07 Asian Impact (Stage 3)
08 Biotoxic (Boss 2)
09 Gravestone [MS6 version] (Game Over)
10 Bridge 256 (Stage 4-1)
11 Aim High Chase Fast (Stage 4-2)
12 Final Attack -MS6 version- (Stage 5)
13 Unavoidable Duel (Boss 3)
14 Discharge (Last Boss)
15 Awesome Rush (Demo After Last Boss)
16 The Survivor (Ending)
17 The Military System [MS6 version] (Mission All Over)
18 Critical Maneuver (End Credits)
19 Barracks -MS7 version- (Character Select)
20 Scrap Island (Stage 1)
21 Former Master (Demo Before Stage 2)
22 Coal Mine (Stage 2)
23 Underground Fortress (Stage 3)
24 The Waterfall (Stage 4)
25 Ruins Base (Stage 5)
26 Snowy Country (Stage 6)
27 The Beginning Is The End (Stage 7)
28 Gravestone -MS7 version- (Game Over)
29 The Military System -MS7 version- (Menu)
30 Combat School (Combat School Stage)
31 He Has Been Elevated In Rank (Combat School Fanfare)
32 Beast Of Beat 9/8 (Normal Boss)
33 Assault Theme -MS7 version- (Stage 6 Boss)
34 Final Attack -MS7 version- (Last Boss)
35 Carry Out -MS7 version- (Stage Clear)
36 Melody Of My Own Way (End Credits)

01 New Plot (Opening Movie)
02 Agonizing Decision (General Menu Screen)
03 Start From Mountain Village (Stage 01 -Mountain Village-)
04 Be Headquartered In The City (Stage 02 -The City Around The Headquarters-)
05 Desert Town (Stage 03 -Desert Town-)
06 Coal Mine Mark (Stage 04 -Coal Mine Mark-)
07 Underground Ruins (Stage 05 -Underground Ruins-)
08 Atmospheric Discharge (Stage 06 -The Flyer-)
09 Break The Barrier (Stage 07 -Outer Wall, Within The Facility-)
10 Sink Under The Waves (Stage 08 -The Mariner-)
11 The South Pole (Stage 09 - The Antarctic-)
12 Climb The Tower (Stage 10 -The Tower-)
13 Out Of Control (Stage 11 -Roof Of The Tower, Lugus-)
14 Shout Of Sadness (Stage 11 -Roof Of The Tower, Lieu-)
15 Various Bosses
16 Escape Velocity (Mini Game -POW Escape-)
17 Mission Clear
18 Game Over
19 The Result Is All (Result screen)
20 Honest Person Who Fights (Demo - Type 1)
21 Soldier Who Confronts It (Demo - Type 2)
22 Comfortable Tension (Demo - Type 3)
23 Situation That Becomes Tense (Demo - Type 4)
24 Settle Down (Demo - Type 5)
25 At The Relief (Demo - Type 6)
26 It Talks About The History (Demo - Type 7)
27 Imminent Danger (Demo - Type 8)
28 Dangerous Atmosphere (Demo - Type 9)
29 Sense Of Crisis (Demo - Type 10)
30 Allen's Theme (Demo - Allen's Theme)
31 Morden's Theme (Demo - Morden's Theme)
32 Oguma's Theme (Demo - Oguma's Theme)
33 Combat Beginning (Movie Demo 1)
34 Doubtful Castle (Movie Demo 2)
35 Secret In Iceberg (Movie Demo 3)
36 Living Thing That Goes Mad (Movie Demo 4)
37 Scientist's Fate (Movie Demo 5)
38 People Who Had A Hard Time (End Credits)
39 Unused Tune

01 Main Theme From Metal Slug Attack (Title)
02 Preparation (Main Menu)
03 To The Front ("Attack!" Mode / World Map)
04 Rescue ("P.O.W. Rescue" Mode)
05 Another Story ("Another Story" Mode)
06 Tactical Situation ("Battle" "Team Battle" "Online" Mode)
07 Power ("Rank Match" Mode)
08 Militancy (Guild Ops / "Snatch Wars" Theme)
09 United Front (Extra Ops / "United Front" Theme)
10 Together (Guild Ops / "Try Line" Theme)
11 Regular Army Base (Story 1)
12 Tension (Story 2)
13 Rebel Army Base (Story 3)
14 Invasion (Rebel Army Story Battle)
15 Recollect (Story 4)
16 Calm (Story 5)
17 Ptolemaic Army Base (Story 6)
18 Run Through -Msa Ver.- (Ptolemaic Army Story Battle)
19 Never Despair (Story 7)
20 Omen (Story 8)
21 Space Army Base (Story 9)
22 Welcome To Our Planet (Space Army Story Battle 1)
23 A Song Learned From The Earthlings (Story 10)
24 Mars March (Story 11)
25 Mixed Space (Space Army Story Battle 2)
26 Feel (Story 12)
27 You Know What? (Story 13)
28 Artificial Innocence (Story 14)
29 Thought (Story 15)
30 Each (Story 16)
31 As One Pleases (Story 17)
32 Ties (Story 18)
33 Wild Land (Independent Army Story Battle 1)
34 Reign (Story 19)
35 Fated Enemy (Story 20)
36 Cross Over (Independent Army Story Battle 2)
37 To Tomorrow (Story 21)
38 Nonsense (Story 22)
39 Vacation (Story 23)
40 The Night (Story 24)
41 For You -Xmas Ver.- (Story 25)

SNK Sound Team

Wayô Records