Within our direct-to-fan offer, you have access to exclusive and limited editions that you will not find anywhere else!

They are mostly improved and/or increased versions of the standard version are the result of a privileged relationship that we have with our partners.

Exclusive editions are at the heart of a release strategy of an album. It is a very strong desire on the part of artists and labels to reward their fans in the first place.

Thylacine, octobre 2022
@ Bigwax.io Paris - France

For example: signed edition, numbered edition, colored vinyl, poster, fanzine, felt, concert ticket, patch, alternative visual, cover... This can also be exclusive merchandising sold alone or in a bundle version of the release.

Jacques, février 2022
@ Bigwax.io Paris - France

Most of the exclusive editions are manufactured by our Squeezer pressing branch, ensuring that we are the first to receive the stock.

Thanks to pre-orders, we make everything possible to deliver your exclusive editions on the day of the official release.