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We are not an online record store like the others, did you know that?

As an online record store, we offer a wide selection of records from around the world carefully selected by our team; but our core business is above all to support a number of independent artists and labels in the development of their online offer on the short circuit model, called direct-to-fan, in order for artists to get the highest profit margins.
Our direct-to-fan offer is all the more unique in that it comes in the form of a cooperative of independent labels identified by the tag:

This spirit of cooperation allows us to pool and centralize the products of more than 90 partner labels, creating an ecosystem more suited to independent creators from a technical, logistical, accounting and financial point of view.

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Why 'Direct-to-fan' ?

Like the short food circuit, the direct-to-fan purchase guarantees higher profits for artists and labels (about 75% of a direct-to-fan sale goes to the producer), allowing them to sustain the development of their artistic projects.

The number of intermediaries is reduced to a minimum and transport costs, as well as the associated CO2 emissions, are optimized.

This new direct sales channel also makes it possible to fill cultural deserts and to receive your disc on the day of its official release thanks to pre-orders.

In summary, as soon as the Direct-to-fan tag appears, it means that there is only us between the artists, the labels and you.

Exclusive editions

Within our direct-to-fan offer, you have access to exclusive and limited editions that you will not find anywhere else!

They are improved and increased versions of the standard version are the result of the relationships we have with our partners.

Exclusive editions are at the heart of a release strategy of an album. It is a very strong desire on the part of artists and labels to reward their fans in the first place.

For example: signed edition, numbered edition, colored vinyl, poster, fanzine, felt, concert ticket, patch, alternative visual, cover... This can also be exclusive merchandising sold alone or in a bundle version of the release.

Most of the exclusive editions are manufactured by our Squeezer pressing branch, ensuring that we are the first to receive the stock.

In this case, the Made by Squeezer tag will be visible on the product page. This tag is not limited to exclusive editions since with more than 5 million records pressed, Squeezer is also a reference on the French market for Independents of all sizes with vinyl pressings such as Sébastien Tellier, FKJ, Flavier Berger, Wax Tailor , Vitalic, Jacques, Dabeull, Lomepal, The Dø, PNL, etc.

Thanks to pre-orders, we make everything possible to deliver your exclusive editions on the day of the official release.


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