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Since his debut album “Transsiberian”, Thylacine has developed a taste for composing through travel, an initiatory project that led him to compose during his journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway. A seminal album that allowed the young electro prodigy to make a name for himself on the electronic scene.
With the aim to combine music and image and to make us discover his world through travel, Thylacine has continued to climb the ladder and has racked up no less than 121 million streams. Whether it's "Anatolia", "Olatu", or "War Dance", Thylacine has made a name for himself by writing real hits.
Through "9 Pieces », Thylacine wanted to pay tribute to some iconic tracks that are currently only released digitally and independently and to let us discover his new compositions, all of which are just as transporting and refreshing. His new opus “9 Pieces” will contain unreleased tracks from his latest travels and encounters, pieces to be assembled in order to reconstitute a puzzle and immerse oneself in the universe of Thylacine.
Like this object, each musical piece will find its place alongside his greatest hits. "9 Pieces" will be released the 21st of October on Intuitive Records.


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9 Pieces
Thylacine 9 Pieces Release LP Intuitive Records
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9 Pieces - CD
Thylacine 9 Pieces - CD Release CD Intuitive Records
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Timeless - Coffret Deluxe
Thylacine Timeless Release LP Intuitive Records
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Timeless - CD
Carnet de notes Timeless
Transsiberian - CD
OVNI(s) - Original Soundtrack
Roads Vol.1
Roads Vol.1 - CD
Thylacine Roads Vol.1 - CD Release CD Intuitive Records
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Roads vol.1 - T-Shirt
Roads Vol.2
Thylacine Roads Vol.2 Release 12inch Intuitive Records
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Thylacine Singles 2 Release 12inch Intuitive Records
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Thylacine Singles Release CD Intuitive Records
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