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Coop ✌️ is not an online record store like the others!

For many years, we have been supporting independent artists and labels in the development of their online store on the short circuit model, for better remuneration for their work.

With a team of enthusiasts, all professionals in the recorded music sector, we operate at all levels: Consulting, Manufacturing, Distribution (WW), Logistics and Online Sales.

Synergy and common goal

Every day we put our experience as a distributor and e-merchant at the service of artists with the common objective of regularly offering exclusive and personalized editions (signed vinyls, numbered editions, merchandising, exclusive packs) for fans.

Coop: an ecosystem for independent creators

It is in a spirit of cooperation that independent artists and labels join

To highlight this proximity, our wish is to highlight all the independent artists and labels in cooperation with with a "Coop" tag.

If this tag also appears on an article, it means that we are the only intermediary between them and you. By adding Coop products to your cart, you help pay them fairer compensation and help them continue to develop their artistic projects over time.

Thanks to you



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Imany Body Bebe - Don't Stop Fighting Merch 2 colors available
Sale price€12,50
No reviews
T-shirt Uncivil (Bliss) x Bachar Mar-Khalifé
Hoodie Uncivil (Bliss) x Bachar Mar-Khalifé
Feutrine Bon Entendeur
Chaussettes "Minuit"
Tee Shirt Wax Tailor - Gramophone
Tee Shirt - I Have The Key
Bonnet Wax Tailor Noir
Wax Tailor Bonnet Wax Tailor Noir Merch 1 color available
Sale price€8,33
No reviews
Casquette - Equilibre
Hoodie - Equilibre
T-Shirt Manches Longues Noir - Equilibre
Vanité - Magazine
Tee-shirt Wax Tailor "WT" Noir - Femme
Masque "Roche"
Tee-Shirt Hundred Fifty Roses
Hoodie Hundred Fifty Roses
Sweatshirt noir Eddy Larkin Logo
T-shirt gris Eddy Larkin Logo
T-shirt noir Eddy Larkin Logo
T-Shirt Cracki
T-Shirt Menace Velvet Noir
T-Shirt Menace Velvet Blanc
T-Shirt Menace Manches Longues Velvet Noir
Totebag Menace Noir
Totebag Menace Noir Merch Tote Bag SENSE
Sale price€12,50
No reviews
Carnet de notes Timeless
MioSHe X Jennifer Aujame - sérigraphie 3 couleurs - Asana 2020
Le Pack Beau
Le Pack et Cadeau
Le Pack et Cadeau
Save €12,50
Beep Aaah Fresh x Cheek
Tee Shirt Wax Tailor Gris - Homme
Sweat zippé - In Wax We Trust (edition limitée)
Tee Shirt Wax Tailor "WT" – Homme
Sweat Capuche Wax Tailor "WT" - Femme - Noir
Porte-Clés "Wax Tailor"
Feutrine vinyle Wax Tailor "By Any Beats Necessary"
Badge Wax Tailor "WT"
Wax Tailor Badge Wax Tailor "WT" Merch 2 colors available
Sale price€0,83
No reviews
Sac DJ "Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra"
La Beauté du Jour
Masque - microqlima
T-Shirt Pain Surprises - Blanc
T-Shirt Pain Surprises - Noir
Director's Cut Varsity Jacket
Axis Visor
Axis Visor Merch 1 color available Axis Records
Sale price€18,33
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