Tahiti 80

Formed by multi instrumentalists Xavier Boyer, Médéric Gontier, Sylvain Marchand & Pedro Resende, Tahiti 80's adventure began in the French cities of Rouen and Paris in the mid '90s. Taking their name from a souvenir T-shirt given to Boyer's father in 1980, Tahiti 80 - with the additions of Raphaël Léger on drums and Hadrien Grange on keys - has released 9 acclaimed albums. Their full-length debut, Puzzle, went gold and featured the international hit "Heartbeat"which established the band throughout Europe and Asia. The band has fused what MOJO called a "glorious entente of old and new technology" (including singles like Easy, 1000 Times, Hurts, Crush!, and Big Day.), while collaborating with Richard Swift, Andy Chase, Richard Hewson, Tore Johansson. In 2019, the band released Fear of an Acoustic Planet, a stripped-down reimagining of their best-loved tracks from the previous 20 years. In March 2020, Tahiti 80 had a plan to start recording their new album in the studio. That plan, of course, along with everything else in the world, got derailed. But the five-piece group was resilient and resourceful. They quickly shifted to a socially distanced plan B that included file swapping and virtual sessions, all refereed by producer Julien Vignon. The result, released on March 25th 2022, is the buoyant Here With You, a collection of eleven upbeat songs that unfold like a prescription for a post-pandemic panacea.

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Tahiti 80 Wallpaper For The Soul Expanded Release 2LP
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Tahiti 80 Here With You Release LP
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Tahiti 80 Fear of an Acoustic Planet Release LP
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Tahiti 80 Puzzle 15th Anniversary Edition Release LP
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Tahiti 80 Puzzle Release LP
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The Sunsh!ne Beat Vol. 1
Tahiti 80 The Sunsh!ne Beat Vol. 1 Release LP
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Tahiti 80 Scuba Sweat Shirt Merch
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Tahiti 80 New Logo Organic Cotton Tote Bag
Tahiti 80 Tahiti 80 New Logo Organic Cotton Tote Bag Merch 2 colors available
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Singles Club
Tahiti 80 Singles Club Release CD
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Tahiti 80 Ballroom Release CD
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Lipstick Stains - CD
Tahiti 80 Lipstick Stains - CD Release CD
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Tahiti 80 Here With You - Limited Release LP
Sale price16,67 €
Tahiti 80 Here With You - CD Release CD
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Fear of an Acoustic Planet - CD
Activity Center
Tahiti 80 Activity Center Release CD
Sale price8,33 €
The Past, The Present & The Possible
Solitary Business
Tahiti 80 Solitary Business Release CD
Sale price4,17 €