UTO is a duo from Paris who sound like they might be from outer space.

Combining the otherworldly sounds of Stereolab, Sonic Youth, Broadcast, and The Chemical Brothers, UTO’s music is said to be a haunting journey into love, desire, and the supernatural. Beginning together in 2016, the band released several tracks like ‘That Itch’; ‘The Beast’ but took their time in fine-tuning and crafting their 2022 debut LP Touch the Lock. As said by Pitchfork, “The Parisian duo’s debut full-length harnesses controlled chaos, offering an engrossing introduction to their prismatic synth pop… The Parisian duo UTO’s electronic concoctions leave sharp, lingering afterimages in the mind.”


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When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire - Limited
When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire - CD
Touch the lock
UTO Touch the lock Release LP Infiné
Sale price18,33 €
Touch the lock - CD
UTO Touch the lock - CD Release CD Infiné
Sale price10,83 €
Shelter for the broken
Pack Vinyle Orange Edition + Casquette
UTO Pack Vinyle Orange Edition + Casquette Bundle Release + Merch Infiné
Sale price45,83 €
Pack Vinyle Orange Edition + T-Shirt Manches Longues