When we talk about cinematic albums, we often think about "original soundtracks for imaginary movies ». Since François de Roubaix passed away, and now that OSTs contain less and less original compositions, the formula may sound a little worn out. But in the case of Staplin, a duet formed by Norman Langolff and Arno Van Colen, the treatment is a bit different. With its name chosen as a tribute to the character of Bertrand Blier in Alain Corneau’s film Série Noire, the project owes its very existence to the seventh art. Following the lead of Gainsbourg with Jean-Claude Vannier or Michel Colombier, Francis Lai or even Lalo Schifrin, Staplin celebrates music for motion pictures, especially those from the 60’s. Without ever falling into dusty old fashions, the Staplin duet combines the luxurious arrangements of that era along with rhythms drawing inspiration both from production music libraries and trip hop, on a debut album where we can find a prestigious distribution cast : Halo Maud, April March, Sacha Sieff or Mark Kerr (from the band Maestro). For those who gave in to addictive binge-watching, no need to worry; a sequel is already planned thanks to a second full LP with April March.

Ultimately, a story to be continued…


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Neon Shades
Staplin Neon Shades Release LP Velvetica Music
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