Parson Jones

Parson Jones is a Northern California duo that creates thoughtful soul/pop with a distinct melodic sensibility, lyrical intricacy, and heavy beats. Joshua Hollenstein and Kerry Fogarty started making music together in the early 2000s, and honed their songwriting craft in the following years.

Combining Joshua’s lyrical agility, gritty yet sweet voice, and memorable melodies with Kerry’s soulful instrumental palette, Parson Jones’ music explores themes of mortality, reflection, and making one’s way in an uncertain modern world, set against a backdrop of electric pianos, synths, guitars, and beats.

In 2014, Parson Jones released their debut single, “Make and Model” on Paris-based label Underdog Records.

Parson Jones draws inspiration from a wide range of vintage and modern soul, rock and roll, funk and electronic music from Beck to Broken Bells, Al Green to The Black Keys. Their debut album “Clear As Day” brings a variety of unique musical ideas to the table, from the sweet soulful pop of the title track, to the dystopian imagery and dark hip hop beat of “Shut In”, to the classic melancholy soul of “Ready To Go”.


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