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Lossapardo blends painting, animation and music in his practice, capturing everyday stillness and sleepless nights. He poetically resonates solitude and light.

Painter, director, author, composer and performer, Lossapardo, 28, is a self-taught artist.

His passion for artistic creation began at an early age, inspired by Vanessa Carlton and Henri Salvador, and was confirmed during his studies at the Beaux-Arts. There, he presented original paintings in Belleville in 2016 and met composer-producer Crayon, giving birth to the tracks "After The Tone" and "Slowdiving". In 2018, Lossapardo released his first solo tracks: "Home Alone", "Sleep" and "Pause".

Over the years, he has developed his own artistic palette, fusing notes and colors in a singular way in light-dark tones, ideal for capturing the light of spleen.
His talent as a painter has been acclaimed abroad, notably by media such as The New York Times and The New Yorker.
During the lockdowns, he kept exploring his artistic diversity from folk and R'n'B to soul and modern pop. Collaborations with talented musicians such as Armando Young, Anaïs Cardot, Astronne, Dinos, Luidji and others have enriched his musical experience.

At the same time, Lossapardo has contributed visually to artists' musical projects, making short films and paintings, including the "Risk ft.Bas" video by FKJ, "OG SAN II" by Deen Burbigo and "Equinox" by Venna, among others.




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