Hanaa Ouassim

Paris France

Hanaa Ouassim was born in Settat, Morocco, where she grew up surrounded by traditional music.
From an early age, she began playing percussion in women's groups at weddings.

She went to school in Reims. There, she learned to compose music on her own, using her computer.
She soon began a nocturnal musical life, while continuing to play at traditional ceremonies.

In 2010, she moved to Paris, where clubbing was at its peak. She used her knowledge of traditional music to compose her own music, but also to create hybrid DJ sets.
She quickly made a name for herself, performing (on percussion and vocals) with artists such as Léonie Pernet.

In 2013, she met Arthur from Pan European Recording, and began working with the label.
She began a nomadic life, full of adventures and solitary rendez-vous in the privacy of the recording studio.
There, she wrote "La vie de star", an album she composed and produced herself.


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