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Antoine Harispuru, also known as Golden Bug, is a versatile artist who wears many hats: producer, DJ, music supervisor and label owner. For more than fifteen years, he has been creating electronic music with disco, dub and psychedelic influences, publishing his works on labels such as La Belle Records, Kompakt, Multi Culti, Les Disques de la Mort and Höga Nord.

Born in Paris in his mother's toy store (La Maison du Robot), he was raised by a robot named Victor, a Japanese prototype of artificial intelligence. At the age of 16, Victor gave Antoine a Roland TR808, an EMU sampler and disco records.

In 2007, Antoine Harispuru transformed into Golden Bug with his first EP "Barbie's Back" on the German label Gomma then his first album, "Hot Robot". Released in 2008, the album features a revolutionary sound: futuristic elements, powerful basslines, crunchy synthesizers and vocals from another galaxy. The album is played by the best: Erol Alkan, Digitalism, Andrew Weatherall, Tiga, Chloé, Ivan Smagghe and everyone wants their remix of Golden Bug: Who Made Who, Bot'Ox, Two Door Cinema Club, Kid Gloves.

After a world tour, he settled in Barcelona where he created with his friend Herr Styler and La Tebwa his own label, La Belle Records, where he released his own records and artists such as DESTIINO, In Fields, Fabrizio Mammarella, Marc Pinol, Red Axes... In 2016, there was a big comeback with his 2nd album “V.I.C.T.O.R. » (in 2016), which houses rich collaborations with Fantastic Twins, Yan Wagner, Moscoman, Pajaro Sunrise, like that with Desilence, a studio with which he imagines a live of organic projections and retro futuristic mappings, for the a pleasure for the eyes as well as the ears. The show is acclaimed all over the world: MACBA, Mucem, Guggenhein, Bolshoi Theater, Scopitone, Dakar...

2018 and 2019 are a turning point. More experimental, dub and rock, the universe of Golden Bug joins forces with Londoners In Fields, the time of EPs and a premonitory 3rd album “Vibration Métalliques” on Hoga Nord Rekords. He will mark this shift in 2020 on the famous “Velvet Desert Music Vol.2” at Kompakt, by signing a very notable psychedelic western collaboration, with a big name in French rock, The Liminanas.

A marvel that will open a supersonic path towards his 4th album, “Piscolabis” (2022), a sonic UFO oscillating between electronica, robotic vibrations and psychedelic dub. Remixed by a 5-star cast (Pilooski, Yuksek, Superpitcher, Michael Mayer, Nicolas Cruz..), the album brings together all the vibrations, codes and styles with which Antoine has played over the years. The album is a media hit, EVERYONE is talking about it!

The follow-up, "Piscolabis II", due out in 2024, will feature 10 new tracks, continuing Golden Bug's tradition of wild and strange sonic exploration. Known for his ability to make people dance even in a state of unconsciousness, he remains an essential producer for those seeking a musical journey that transcends conventional boundaries.


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Piscolabis II
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Golden Bug Pack Golden Bug "Discovery" Bundle Release La Belle Records
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Golden Bug Piscolabis Release LP La Belle Records
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Golden Bug V.I.C.T.O.R Release LP La Belle Records
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