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DEMON is one of those artists who has made their mark. His name is inseparable from this era when the whole planet was squinting on the French electronic scene. With "You Are My High" and his cult kiss of 3 minutes in video, he ranks 10th in the Top in 2000 and permeates a whole generation. His first album entitled "Midnight Funk" confirms its status as a classic.

Born in Paris in 1977, DEMON - Jérémie MONDON - belongs to the second generation of the French electronic scene. Composer and director, he is inspired by the work of the pioneers such as Motorbass, I Cube and other Daft Punk by mixing house, funk and hip-hop of the time (Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Black Moon ...) . His first project, released at the age of 16 in the rap group SYMBIOSE, is marked by these dark atmospheres typical of the 90s.

In 1997, DEMON decided to set up his own label with friends - 20000ST - and released his first EP "A-Typical". First outing, first classic! The success of the EP and his cult track "Lil 'Fuck" encourages him to remix by the most popular artists of the moment: Étienne de Crécy, I: Cube, Mr Oizo, Herbert ...

The EP will be followed by a series of maxis then his first album, the serious and addictive "Midnight Funk". Critically acclaimed, a subtle blend of house music and funk, melancholic atmospheres and grooves that strike, the disc is as much for the head as for the legs. The flagship title "You Are My High", sold to hundreds of thousands of copies across Europe, is gaining a much larger audience. DEMON is nominated for the Victoires de la Musique and the MTV Music Awards. From now on, DEMON is an artist and an essential producer, the biggest ones call on him for remixes (Etienne de Crecy, Daft Punk, Roy Davis Junior, Alex Gopher, Cassius, Mr Oizo ...).

After playing his interplanetary hit "You are my high" in clubs all over the world, he continues his momentum with the EP "Do not Make Me Cry". DEMON has decided not to repeat itself, it blurs the tracks and, leaving the spheres of electronic music 'à la française', released a concept album entitled "Music That You Wanna Hear" (whose eponymous piece is a tribute to hip hop). He produced the entirety of this album alone, in his own Paris studio, marrying before the hour r'n'b, house, hiphop and rock. The guest is MC Buckshot of rap group Black Moon, Jamaican deejay Mr Vegas, Swedish singer Awa, and singer of the band, Craig Walker. Those who today praise the Flying Lotus and other SA-RA Creative Partners should seriously look at this visionary opus that already announced the beginnings of a r'n'b-baroque pop.

Following this second album, DEMON will invest almost exclusively in the production of instrumental for French rap artists: 113, Mafia K'1-Fry, The Luciano Rat, Booba, La Rumeur. It can be said without hesitation that in the mid-2000s it brought a touch that strongly influenced this movement. At the same time, DEMON is coming up, this time alone, with his new label - Help Yourself - and is releasing some high-quality EPs, from the Israeli Ari, the English Minimal Youth and himself (DEMON presents: Smiley "Happy Therapy" in collaboration with designer Ora-Ito). He then embarks on the realization of his third album.

Entitled "Night On Earth", the album highlights a new change of direction, blending pop and electronic music, along with DEMON, singer-turned-friend Craig Walker, featured on six tracks. the "hidden face" of the current pop and whose story remains to be told.

In 2013, the Parisian releases City EP, in which he clearly displays a change of tone, artistic direction, undertaking a turn more trap, which will be remixed by The Toxic Avengers, Tagteam terror, PAT 404. An artistic turn that we will feel on his several collaborations, whether in his compositions for commercials, films (Les Derniers Parisiens in 2017) or his remix, in 2018 for French artist Fictions on UFO.

DEMON is scheduled for Midem in 2018 for the French Touch special edition. Soon, he will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his first legendary and precursory album, Midnight Funk.




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