The new face of danceable funk, Dabeull and his eye-catching energy made heads turn around the world in 2014 with his Fonk Delight EP. A series of successful projects followed: DX7, Indastudio, Intimate Fonk (Platine record) and Cosmic Fonk, which quickly propelled him as a leader in today's funk scene.

Both producer and composer, his tracks are skilfully crafted in a universe that is both nostalgic and avant-garde, creating a bridge between eras. Gifted with exceptional talent as a producer, Dabeull knows how to sculpt sophisticated arrangements that capture attention from the very first listen. Analog production is his favorite playground.

On stage, Dabeull offers an immersive experience, combining the power of his studio productions with a captivating scenic presence ; his reputation as a showman has already brought him to the USA, Asia and Europe.


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Analog Love - Vinyl - Standard edition
Dabeull Analog Love - Vinyl - Standard edition Release LP Roche Musique
Sale price20,83 €
Dabeull Analog Love - Vinyl - Limited edition Release LP Roche Musique
Sale price32,50 €
Analog Love - CD Edition
Dabeull Analog Love - CD Edition Release CD Roche Musique
Sale price10,83 €
Dabeull Cosmic Fonk Release 12inch Dabeull Records
Sale price20,83 €
Dabeull Sofiane Pamart Loving Life Release LP Dabeull Records
Sale price25,00 €
Dabeull Intimate Fonk Release LP Roche Musique
Sale price16,67 €
Dabeull DX7 / Slave Release 7inch Roche Musique
Sale price8,33 €
Dabeull INDASTUDIO - Compilation Release LP Roche Musique
Sale price25,00 €
Dabeull Fonk Delight Release 12inch Roche Musique
Sale price10,00 €
Dabeull DX7 / Slave - Limited Release 7inch Roche Musique
Sale price12,50 €