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Chilly Gonzales is as well known for his intimate approach to the piano through his Solo Piano album trilogy as for his undeniable talents as a showman. Dressed in a bathrobe and wearing slippers, he fills philharmonic halls around the world; in the space of a single evening, he can give a moving piano recital, dissect the inner workings of a Billie Eilish hit, and amaze audiences with his rapological dexterity. He writes and performs songs with internationally renowned artists such as Jarvis CockerFeist and Drake, and won a Grammy in 2014 for his collaboration on Daft Punk's Best Album of the Year.

 His book Enya, on the question of "good" or "bad" taste in art and so-called guilty pleasures, was critically acclaimed when published in several languages in 2020. In the wake of this, Gonzo recorded A Very Chilly Christmas, the Christmas album that became an instant classic of the genre. Since his track Smothered Mate (from the album Ivory Tower) was chosen as the soundtrack for the French national soccer team's World Cup victory, he has gradually taken steps towards France, culminating in his recent move to Paris. While waiting to take his seat at the illustrious Académie Française, Gonzo fed his soul with camembert and French literature and has now released, in 2023, his first album entirely written and composed in the language of Molière: FRENCH KISS. To make this record, Chilly Gonzales befriended a new generation of French artists, mixing them with long-time friends and one of his heroes, to whom he cedes his place at the piano for the first time. On the album, Bonnie Banane, Juliette Armanet, Christine Ott, Arielle Dombasle and Teki Latex rub shoulders, under the benevolent eye of Richard Clayderman.... The velvety and acerbic cover is signed Fabcaro, the graphic novel author currently screen-writing the next Asterix feature film. Album to be released September 15th!


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“Xmas French Kiss" Vinyl Bundle
Chilly Gonzales “Xmas French Kiss" Vinyl Bundle Bundle Release + Merch Christmas Selection Gentle Threat
Sale price33,33 € Regular price46,65 €
"French Kiss" Vinyl Bundle
Chilly Gonzales "French Kiss" Vinyl Bundle Bundle Release Christmas Selection Gentle Threat
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“Xmas French Kiss" CD Bundle
Chilly Gonzales “Xmas French Kiss" CD Bundle Bundle Release + Merch Christmas Selection Gentle Threat
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“A Very Chilly Xmas French Kiss" Vinyl Bundle
“A Very Chilly Xmas French Kiss" CD Bundle
Xmas Socks
French Kiss
French Kiss - CD
Cut Dick (Original Version & Myd Remix)
Chilly Gonzales Cut Dick (Original Version & Myd Remix) Release 12inch Gentle Threat
Sale price8,33 € Regular price12,49 €
A Very Chilly Christmas
A Very Chilly Christmas - CD
Solo Piano III
Solo Piano III - CD
Solo Piano III Notebook
Chilly Gonzales Chambers Release LP Gentle Threat
Sale price21,38 €
Chambers - CD
Octave Minds
Octave Minds - CD
Solo Piano II
Solo Piano II - CD
Solo Piano II Notebook (2nd Edition)
You Can Dance (Maxi Single)
The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales
The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales - CD
The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales - Live With Orchestra DVD
Ivory Tower
Chilly Gonzales Ivory Tower Release 2LP Gentle Threat
Sale price21,38 €
Ivory Tower - CD
Ivory Tower (Movie DVD)
Chilly Gonzales Soft Power Release 2LP Gentle Threat
Sale price13,33 €
Soft Power - CD
Solo Piano - Limited
Solo Piano - CD
Solo Piano Deluxe Edition CD / DVD
Solo Piano - Volume 1 Notebook (Sheet Music)
Solo Piano - Volume 2 Notebook (Sheet Music + DVD)
Z - CD
Chilly Gonzales Z - CD Release CD Gentle Threat
Sale price9,99 €
Presidential Suite - CD
The Entertainist - CD
Uber Alles (Director's Cut) - CD
ENYA: A Treatise on Unguilty Pleasures
Re-Introduction Etudes Notebook