Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace was founded in Paris by three musicians who shared a love for electronic music and vintage jazz tunes.
In about 15 years, the band has grown from a parisian jive sensation to a globalized pop act melding all kinds of influences and capable of tearing the roof off any venue or festival tent! They have gone down a storm everywhere from Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage to Coachella, been seen on TV on Taratata, Jools Holland’s Hootenanny and Jonathan Ross, soundtracked a Disney film and countless adverts, and are inescapable online. From Instagram to YouTube to the thousands of clips on TikTok set to songs from their first four albums, their idiosyncratic soundscapes achieve the rare feat of being both leftfield and commercial.

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Gangbusters Melody Club - Limited
Gangbusters Melody Club
Caravan Palace Gangbusters Melody Club Release LP
Sale price20,83 €
Gangbusters Melody Club - CD
Chronologic - Deluxe Edition
Caravan Palace Chronologic Release LP
Sale price15,00 €
Chronologic - CD
Caravan Palace Chronologic - CD Release CD
Sale price10,00 €
T-Shirt Blanc Chronologic - Homme
T-Shirt Blanc Chronologic - Femme
Caravan Palace Robot Release 2LP
Sale price19,17 €
Robot - CD
Caravan Palace Robot - CD Release CD
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T-Shirt Blanc Robot - Femme
T-Shirt Blanc Robot - Homme
T-Shirt Noir Lone Diggers - Homme
T-Shirt Noir Lone Diggers - Femme
Caravan Palace Panic Release 2LP
Sale price19,17 €
Panic - CD
Caravan Palace Panic - CD Release CD
Sale price10,00 €
T-Shirt Blanc Drawbot - Femme
T-Shirt Blanc Drawbot - Homme
Caravan Palace
Caravan Palace Caravan Palace Release 2LP
Sale price19,17 €
Caravan Palace - CD
Caravan Palace Caravan Palace - CD Release CD
Sale price10,00 €
T-Shirt Noir Robot - Homme
T-Shirt Noir Robot - Femme