Broken Back

Saint-Malo France

Broken Back is a French singer-songwriter and musician hailing from Saint-Malo, known for his distinctive sound and style. His artist name is not accidental, as he took up music during a prolonged period of convalescence following a spinal injury in 2012. He gained recognition after posting a cover of a Bon Iver song on SoundCloud, which quickly attracted a following on digital streaming platforms. His debut composition, "Halcyon Birds," further established him in the music industry and he released his self-titled album, "Broken Back," in 2016. His first EP received widespread acclaim, with 80 million streams in France and almost 200 million streams globally, earning him a nomination for the Victoires de la Musique in the Stage Revelation category. He has collaborated with prominent DJs and artists such as Synapson, Klingrande, Kygo, and Nolwenn Leroy. Broken Back has performed over 250 concerts worldwide and has since released two more albums, most recently signing with Inside Records and returning to his folk roots with a fusion of electro-textured nylon guitar and his unique vocals. His new album is set to be released in September.


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Smile Again - Vinyl
Broken Back Smile Again - Vinyl Release LP Inside Records
Sale price20,83 €
Smile Again - CD
Broken Back Smile Again - CD Release CD Inside Records
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Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy
Broken Back Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy Release 12inch
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Broken Back - CD
Broken Back Broken Back - CD Release CD
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Broken Back Broken Back Release LP
Sale price20,83 €