The King of Fighters 2002 - The Definitive Soundtrack
by SNK Sound Team

SNK, Brave Wave Productions and Limited Run Games are proud to announce that THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 - The Definitive Soundtrack is coming to CD and Vinyl this year.

KOF 2002 was composed by Masahiko Hataya and Yasuo Yamate as part of the SNK SOUND TEAM. As a Generation Series release, the KOF 2002 soundtrack will feature newly remastered analog and digital tracks, as well as a booklet containing archival artwork and liner notes by former development team members.

The vinyl edition (Limited and Stardard) will come with 2 150g colored records (Pink and White).

Signed edition by SNK artist Eisuke Ogura limited to 50 copies for (300 copies worldwide).


SNK, Brave Wave Productions and Limited Run Games sont fiers d'annoncer cette année la sortie de THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 - The Definitive Soundtrack en formats Vinyle et CD. 

KOF 2002 a été composé par Masahiko Hataya et Yasuo Yamate de l'équipe SNK SOUND TEAM. Comme pour toutes les versions de la série Generation, KOF 2002 proposera des pistes analogiques et numériques récemment remasterisées, ainsi qu'un livret contenant des illustrations d'archives et des notes des créateurs.

La version vinyle (Limitée et Standard) sera composée d'un double vinyle 150g de couleur (Blanc et Rose).

Édition signée par Eisuke Ogura (SNK SOUND TEAM) limitée à 50 exemplaires pour (300 exemplaires dans le monde).

Tracklist :

A1 - 2002 (Title)
A2 - 2002 [30 sec] (30 Seconds Title)
A3 - How to play (Operation Explanation)
A4 - Select (Player Select)
A5 - J (Japan Stage)
A6 - Tears (Kyo Kusanagi)
A7 - Stormy Saxophone 2(Iori Yagami)
A8 - TACOS DANCE (Mexico Stage)
A9 - KD-0079 (KOF '99 Team)

B1 - Let's go to Seoul (Kim)
B2 - Deserted Town (Cambodia Stage)
B3 - Diet (Women Fighters Team)
B4 - Winner (Victory Demo)
B5 - RED WIND (China Stage)
B6 - Bloody (KOF '98 Team)
B7 - Kurikinton (Fatal Fury Team)
B8 - The Netherlands (Holland Stage)

C1 - KD-0084 (KOF2000 Team)
C2 - JUNGLE BOUNCER (Ikari Team)
C3 - Progress (Korea Stage)
C4 - Psycho Soldier (Psycho Soldier Team)
C5 - Beauty & The Beast (Art of Fighting Team)
C6 - Moment of Temptation (KOF '97 Team)

D1 - Medley-The Earth of Raging Flames (Orochi Team)
D3 - Challenger (Intrusion)
D5 - Revival (Rugal Entry Demo)
D6 - Last Dance (Boss Stage)
D7 - at Last (Rugal Vanishing Demo ~ Ending)
D8 - Festiveval mood (Staff Roll)
D9 - Continue (Continue ~ Game Over)

2LP - Standard Edition CD 2022
VAT excl. €30,00

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