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Coop ✌️ is not an online record store like the others!

For many years, we have been supporting independent artists and labels in the development of their online store on the short circuit model, for better remuneration for their work.

With a team of enthusiasts, all professionals in the recorded music sector, we operate at all levels: Consulting, Manufacturing, Distribution (WW), Logistics and Online Sales.

Synergy and common goal

Every day we put our experience as a distributor and e-merchant at the service of artists with the common objective of regularly offering exclusive and personalized editions (signed vinyls, numbered editions, merchandising, exclusive packs) for fans.

Coop: an ecosystem for independent creators

It is in a spirit of cooperation that independent artists and labels join

To highlight this proximity, our wish is to highlight all the independent artists and labels in cooperation with with a "Coop" tag.

If this tag also appears on an article, it means that we are the only intermediary between them and you. By adding Coop products to your cart, you help pay them fairer compensation and help them continue to develop their artistic projects over time.

Thanks to you



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Pack Bolivard - Vinyle + CD
M. Bolivard
Dr Bolivard & M. Bolivard - CD
Natureza (Produced, Arranged and Conducted by Claus Ogerman)
Is This Love Or Desire
They Say I'm Different
Betty Davis
Only You - 180g
Mogadishu’s Finest: The Al-Uruba Sessions
Padang Moonrise: The Birth Of The Modern Indonesian Recording Industry (1955-69)
Greasy Mike’s Halloween Monsters
Costa Brava
2 + - CD
2 +
Romare Fantasy Release 2LP You See
Sale price€27,50
No reviews
Sababa 5
Brother Sister / Candlelight (Remixed)
Flux - CD
Carnaval Odyssey - CD
Clear As Day - CD
Treat Me Right - CD
Paris Show Some Love - CD
Satingarona Part 1 - CD
Sweet Rewards - CD
Satingarona Part 2 - CD
Fashion Drunk - CD
Colored vinyl
Any Day Now - Limited
Any Day Now - CD
Save €2,50
Tako Tsubo - CD
L'impératrice Tako Tsubo - CD Release CD Microqlima
Sale price€10,00 Regular price€12,50
No reviews
Save €2,49
Matahari - CD
L'impératrice Matahari - CD Release Microqlima
Sale price€10,00 Regular price€12,49
No reviews
Indaba Is - CD
Various Artists Indaba Is - CD Release CD Brownswood
Sale price€11,67
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Voiciii - CD
Super Somali Sounds from the Gulf of Tadjoura - CD
El Hal / The Feeling - CD
Aspects - CD
Fine Anyway - CD
3 Sessions in a Greenhouse - CD
Save €2,50
V I N C E N T - CD
FKJ V I N C E N T - CD Release CD Roche Musique
Sale price€9,17 Regular price€11,67
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Save €5,84
V I N C E N T - Limited
FKJ V I N C E N T - Limited Release 2LP Roche Musique
Sale price€20,83 Regular price€26,67
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Pop Sympathie - CD
Muslims and Christians - CD
Nuova Napoli - CD
Nu Guinea Nuova Napoli - CD Release CD
Sale price€12,50
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