Velodrome - EP
by Modulhater

Since the early 2000’s, several noteworthy records were issued by Thomas PAPAY (aka Le Diktat) on Audiotrauma, Syrphe and OPN labels. Inspired by artists such as Scorn, Techno Animal and Dalëk, his music has been described as a strong and uncompromising type of urban industrial music. With his new project Modulhater, Thomas goes back to his techno roots : he totally abandons computers to work with hardware machines only, especially analog and vintage synths. Influenced by EBM and acid music, the cold and hypnotic techno of Modulhater situates the project in the same vein as Dopplereffekt, Arnaud Rebotini, Thomas P. Heckmann or Silent servant. His first EP, Velodrome, is to be published by Beatsqueeze Records. Its 6 brilliant old school titles are all clearly built for the dancefloor.

12 inch
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