Titane (Original Score)
by Jim Williams

Jim Williams' incredible score to TITANE. Reuniting with director Julia Docouranu (he also scored RAW) and hot on the heels of his outstanding work on last year's POSSESSOR, Williams once again proves that he is one of the very best composers working today. His work here is, at times, cold, pulsating and ominous. However, these pieces are interspersed with tender passages that offer glimmers of hope, shining through in the form of warm tones and intricate melodies.

Williams said, "The score for TITANE grows from a short theme for a scene where the protagonist leaves home in startling circumstances. Initially in a contemporary popular music style with a tinge of John Barry, later this was set with metal percussion and male voice choir using the Neapolitan Minor for a scene set in a car. As the film develops, the theme takes on an emotional, darker twist." Williams continued, "The main theme for the film ['Sarabande'] is finally set in a Baroque style – a sarabande – that at first has the pomp of George Frideric Handel, but that later becomes tender, if rather twisted."


Side A
A1. Gym to Car
A2. Fan in Car Kill
A3. Car Fuck
A4. Beach Puke
A5. Justine Kill
A6. House Burning
A7. Airport
A8. Simulator
A9. Bathroom Pieta
A10. Belly Oil
A11. Forest Fire

Side B
B1. Sarabande
B2. Ending from Bedroom
B3. Ending from Kiss
B4. End Credits
B5. Wayfaring Stranger
B6. Apocalypse
B7. God and Drug

Label : Mondo

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