Time Machine
by The Geek x Vrv

“Album story is about travelling in time with the music we produce, thanks to our inspirations." - The Geek x Vrv

Each track of the album is related to a different year and setup, which brings us back to the year it could have been created in - whether it's in the past, present or future, but always bringing us in a totally different place than the one where we are standing in. This album invites you to travel through time and music, which moves in its own way thanks to our inspirations from our beat making years.”


A-1 Get Funky 1933 (feat The Color Grey, Pomrad)
A-2 Oh Baby 1939
A-3 Royale With G's 2013 with Gramatik
A-4 Roller Disco 1980 (feat Hi Levelz)
A-5 Overview Effect 1972 with Møme (feat M.I.L.K.)
A-6 Kanagawa Waves 1831 with Fakear, Balkan Bump

B-1 Payeng's Ark 1979
B-2 Cloud Nine 2000 (feat The Color Grey)
B-3 Time Machine 1985
B-4 Electric City 2015
B-5 Keep Moving Up 1978
B-6 Paris Jazz Club 1920 (feat Anomalie)

LP 2020
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