The Sorcerers
by The Sorcerers

ATA Records (Abstract Orchestra…) est fier d'annoncer le nouvel album de The Sorcerers. Cette album recouvre un large éventail d'influences : l'Ethio-Jazz se frotte à la library music européenne des années 60 et 70. The Sorcerers, les sorciers en français, mélangent de façon transparente ces éléments disparates en un son cohérent.

Originaire de Leeds, ils forment l'épine dorsale du groupe maison d'ATA Records comprenant le batteur Joost Hendrickx (Kefaya, Shatner's Bassoon, Abstract Orchestra) et les chefs de label ATA Neil Innes (Bass & Guitar) et Pete Williams (Woodwinds & Percussion). Les clarinettes basses, flûtes et percussions ésotériques qui côtoient la basse, la guitare et la batterie sont essentielles à leur son, fournissant des textures cinématographiques sur une base rythmique solide.


Taking influences from Ethiopiques ethiojazz as well as the soundtracks to the European horror films of the 60s and 70s, The Sorcerers seamlessly blend these disparate elements into one cohesive package. Based in ATA Records' home of Leeds, The Sorcerers are made up of the cream of the city's jazz and world scene. Forming the backbone of the ATA Records house band they incorporate bass clarinets, flutes, and vibraphone alongside bass, guitar organ and drums, providing Ellingtonian textures on top of a solid rhythmic foundation.

After featuring on the "Funk, Soul & Afro rarities: An Introduction to ATA Records" compilation from Here and Now records last year, they set to work recording a full length LP at the studios of record label ATA Records.

Initially inspired by the work of Ethiopian composer Mulatu Astatke, the Sorcerers have deftly incorporated a wide breadth of musical influences from the creepy metallic textures and quietly insistent rhythm section of "Pinch Of The Death Nerve" through to the Moondogesque melodies of the Viking of 5th street and the KPM inspired orchestration of closing track night of the sorcerer. The LP also includes an alternate version of "Cave Of Brahma", a heavily Mulatu influenced track that featured on the ATA Records compilation. The album has a dark undercurrent that weaves throughout all 8 tracks, underpinning the album with an unsettling and evocative theme.

Tracklist :
1. Opening Titles
2. Treasured Sacrament
3. Overgrown Icons
4. Downriver
5. Crossing The Rope-Bridge
6. The People Of The Forest
7. Beneath The City Of The Monkey God
8. Escape From The Catacombs
9. Shamanic Brew
10. Who Is The Hunter, Who Is The Prey? (Feat. Chip Wickham)
11. Summoning The Monkey God
12. End Credits (feat. Chip Wickham)

Label : ATA

LP 2019
VAT excl. €20,00