Take Away
by Kodh

Feel the need to refresh yourself and raise your level of creativity?

It's time to taste the delicious "Take away" cooked by Kodh, Dmc & ITF world champion - producer of many cool scratch records over the years (Qross point, Vertigo, Audiomicid Ominous metamorphosis, etc…)
You can re-invent your cuts and style.

Your eyes will be delighted by the cool design made by the talented graffiti artists Shone Mizuno & Ekke Chow

Yo - Hun - Yeah
[Bip] Ah [Stab]
This scratch is so terrific
The scratch is outrageous [Uah]
It's gon-a blow up [Prr]
Hey Fuck that blood slut

Ah Fresh Freesh
It's fresh
Oh break it down yes
That's what I'm No yeah
Mad ill scratches - [Blow]
Cut like a guillotine - [Uah]
[Guitar wow wow]

7inch Red Vinyl 2017
VAT excl. €11,58

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