Sound System Champions
by Mungos Hi Fi

The first full-length Mungo’s Hi Fi album released on Scotch Bonnet records, this staple vinyl is a must-have for any dub, dancehall or reggae DJ. Drawing on inspiration from the hottest foundation productions within these genres across past 50 years, and using them to power their new inspirational productions, Sound System Champions continually pushes reggae boundaries towards groundbreaking frontiers.

1. Divorce a L'Italienne ft. Marina P
2. Don't let them break your heart ft. Kenny Knots
3. Herbalist ft. Top Cat
4. How you bad so ft. Ranking Joe
5. Under arrest ft. MC Ishu
6. Old time dance ft. Mikey Murka
7. Ruff mi tuff ft. Tippa Irie
8. Rasta meditation ft. Kenny Knots
9. Rooster ft. Aya Faith
10. Songs of Zion ft. Ras Charmer
11. Around the world ft. Suncycle
12. Did you really know ft. Soom T
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