Puffers Choice Vol. 1
by Mungos Hi Fi

The LP kicks off with Prince Fatty, the production master, with a live band version of The model, softening some of the jaggy edges of Kraftwerk’s digital original.

The next track comes out of Mungo’s Hi Fi being approached by the Hempolics for a remix. They not only gave it the irresistible pullup bassline treatment, they also recorded a fresh vocal from Classic Wonder’s lyrics machine Solo Banton.

Danny T & Tradesman are long time Scotch Bonnet collaborators and crucial producers. This digital cut of Bert Kaemfert’s Afrikaan beat riddim features rough and tough vocalist Dark Angel aka Mowty Mahlyka, which means 'Dark Angel' in the Wolof language in Gambia.
We first heard the next track by Viktor “Viktorious” Lindström around 10 years ago and it is arguably our favourite Swedish Reggae track. He is a talented musician who plays in various bands and still produces obscure dub. This track is also the first recording of Parly B we ever heard. Little did we know that we would go on to do so much work with Parly, but clearly his talent shone through.

Jahtari’s main man Disrupt is nothing short of a musical genius who’s production finesse is only equalled by his dedication to remaining at the cutting edge of circuit bending 8-bit mastery. Zeb and Scotty are some of Scotland’s original reggae scene and for years held it down as the country’s foremost MC duos. This track is a distillation of Glasgow meets Leipzig cool.

Subactive have lent their production mastery to this simple but catchy riddim, originally made by fellow Frenchies Led Piperz. Solo Banton’s vocal was originally layed down in Kunta’s infamous back room to his Livity Records shop in Lyon. We got hooked on it and it has seldom left our record boxes.

Following the massive success of the original Raggamuffin man mix of this track we have an unusual reversal of drum n bass, to dub to full horns version. Mungo’s Hi Fi recorded the Sugar Minott vocal in Glasgow the year before his sad departure. Daddy Freddy was delighted to provide the counteraction to his former mentor’s vocal in this memorial to soundsystem history.

Stalawa continues to mine the rich seam of early digital reggae with his brilliant Buss Shot riddim track. Original Delroy Melody still has it going on with this ever timely call for peace.

Naram’s musical mastery is beyond question following his blistering output on the Australian Colonel Mustard label and we are delighted with this, his first release on Scotch Bonnet. If features Russia’s Tenor Youthman in full classical flow for a truly outer national dancehall thriller.
We must always remember to Give thanks to Jah and luckily Mr Williamz is here to remind us. Mungo’s riddim track has been much requested since first being played out as a dubplate, and this vocal sits so well on it, rocking and bobbing along.

Bim One is leading the field of Japanese production with their unique form of modern, driving dancehall. This is an exciting collaboration with the UK’s don wordsmith Macka B who takes a moment to praise soundsystem culture.

We are delighted to feature a track from France’s number one soundsystem OBF whose recent releases have changed the landscape of modern sound culture. This track is a reworking of their massive hit Dub Controller in an unusually grimy style which fits Charlie P’s vocal perfectly.

Prince Fatty - The Model
The Hempolics, Mungo's Hi Fi, Solo Banton - Love to Sing
Danny T & Tradesman, Dark Angel - Follow Me
Victorious, Parly B - What A Ting
Disrupt, Zeb & Scotty - Jah Run Tings
Led Piperz, Solo Banton, Subactive - Dub Invasion (Subactive Remix)
Mungo's Hi Fi, Sugar Minott, Daddy Freddy - Raggamuffin Rock
Stalawa, Delroy Melody - Buss Shot
Naram, Tenor Youthman - Golden Rule
Mungo's Hi Fi, Mr Williamz - Give Thanks To Jah
Bim One Productions, Macka B - Don't Stop The Sound
OBF, Charlie P - Dub Controller (Future Mix)

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