Osseus Labyrinth
by Vina Konda

Sound is basically physics, but it could also be biology. During the whole stomaching process, our body is the host of an astonishing living concerto and becomes a true rehearsal studio for our organic musicians.
Borborygmus, deglution sounds, hydrochloric acid disintegrating food are some of the natural activities that produce the most interesting soundwaves we can witness as a one man crowd.
That's exactly what Vina Konda tried to explore in his third solo EP "Osseus Labyrinth". After many years of research, the Palin Gen laboratories scientist presents a staggering sonic exploration into the human digestive system that aims to musically reproduce what he theorized as a "galastrointestinal journey" where "gastric" and "galactic" merge into
the same word. This nano-molecular adventure through our inner cosmos finds its way in an experimental bass music and techno interpretation where powerful rythmics are surrounded by swarming biological organisms and magnified by a breathtaking internal body reverb.
The first track named " (-C-O-(O)P(O)-O-C-) " is a 120bpm futuristic electro trip picturing a tracheal fall, signing the begining of our anatomic expedition.
"Melting E. Coli" is opening by a sword sound followed by a warrior cry, recalling here a fictive battlefield where bacteria are
colonizing gastrointestinal walls at the rhythm of a 150 bpm banger.
"SNC Modulation" is a scientific term about the exchange of informations between brain and guts which takes the form of a technoid
experimentation divided into two parts which are symbolizing the neural information moving forward and then backward.
Our travel through the ventral meanders ends with the beautiful " >0> ", a smooth and nice "bellyaric" ballad picturing the body exit of our vehicle.
Vina Konda's science knowledge and creative narration make "Osseus Labyrinth"
a pure Sci-Fi piece of art in which the musical medium was prefered toexpress his ideas rather than words or images.

A1_Vina Konda_(-C-O-(O)P(O)-O-C-)
A2_Vina Konda_Melting E.coli
A3_Vina Konda_All_inh(ALL)e
B1_Vina Konda_S.N.C Modulation
B2_Vina Konda_Skip in 5 Seconds
B3_Vina Konda_>0>
12" Vinyl EP 2021
VAT excl. €10,00

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