by 3ZVO

Catchy melodies are gleaming through a colorful cloud of sounds and spheres, constantly driven by extensive grooves. Andrej Ugoljew and his 3ZVO crew carry along and invite you into an energized world between hip-hop, afro funk and a nu jazz aesthetic, containing a lot of nodding and little pathos. The music floats. It is modern, fresh and astonishingly free of clichés. Cinematic trip jazz.

3ZVO is a septet led by jazz musician and composer Andrej Ugoljew. Very well known and in great demand as a sideman and studio musician, Andrej has worked with Tony Allen, Salif Keita, Nils Frahm, Andromeda Mega Express, WDR Bigband, Megaloh, The Omniversal Earkestra and many more. A brand new Berlin brew, the band features guitar virtuoso Keisuke Matsuno, bassmaster Thomas Stieger, violin player Johanna Burnheart, percussionist Max Klaas, saxophonist Bastian Duncker, grooving drummer Hanno Stick and Andrej Ugoljew on trombone and keyboards.

A1. 3ZVO - Easy Does It
A2. 3ZVO - Blue Doc
A3. 3ZVO - Dunkelgold
B1. 3ZVO - Terre Battue
B2. 3ZVO - Morning

LP 2022
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