Night Time Stories LTD 500 copies "Color yourself"
by Ugly Mac Beer

A1 - Night Time Stories
A2 - Ghost to The Ghetto feat F.Stokes
B1 - The Preacher feat F.Stokes
B2 - The Black Hood feat Guilty Simpson
C1 - Is There A Hell
C2 - Emerald Tablet feat Gabe Nandez
D1 - Emotion - Roughneck Jihad & D-styles of Thirdsight
D2 - Horror Skipless Bonus #1
D3 - Horror Skipless Bonus #2
The most iconic Parisian duo Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer dives back into youth the time of a new opus, nodding to the early 90’s TV shows and its horror stories (Tales From The Crypt, Creepshow, The Hitchhiker…)

With this aim in mind, nothing better to hook up with the legendary sound illustration label SONOTON which allowed them to pick among their unlimited sample database, from what they made the most of it : the dream of every single beatmaker. Deep boombap brightened up with hypnotic loops (keys, guitars…) which features Guilty Simpson, F.Stokes, Thirdsight (Jihad and D-Styles) and Gab Nandez narrating their crazy stories.

Take a seat and switch off the light ! « Chills garanteed »

2x7inch Vinyls Gatefold/Marble + Color pencil pack 2018
€20,90 €24,90
VAT excl. €17,42

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