Murder By Numbers (Original Game Soundtrack)
by Masakazu Sugimori

Black Screen Records, Mediatonic and The Irregular Corporation are celebrating Murder By Numbers' first anniversary with a beautiful vinyl release of Masakazu Sugimori's catchy upbeat soundtrack to Mediatonic’s investigative puzzle game / visual novel.

The full soundtrack will be available on limited edition opaque purple & yellow vinyl and comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with art by the Mediatonic team, character design by the incomparable Hato Moa - creator of Hatoful Boyfriend - and with additional graphic design by Dane Baudoin and includes a free Bandcamp Code for the digital soundtrack and a cute little SCOUT enamel pin.


A01. Honor's Theme (02:16)
A02. Gridmoore Studios - A Case Close to Home (02:27)
A03. SCOUT's On The Case! (02:26)
A04. Turning Tides (02:10)
A05. Scouring the Scene (02:50)
A06. Detective Cross - Justice Takes Time (02:27)
A07. Puzzle - The Unbeatable Duo (02:59)

B01. Crisis Comes (02:28)
B02. K.C. - Artiste Extraordinaire (02:21)
B03. Memories of Dad (02:28)
B04. Puzzle - The Digital Detective (02:57)
B05. A Dark Turn (01:55)
B06. Eccentrics-R-Us (02:28)
B07. Orpheus Theater - Anyone Who's Anyone (02:06)
B08. Puzzle - On The Right Path (02:55)

C01. The Starshine Awards (02:26)
C02. Becky - Center of Attention (01:55)
C03. We've Got Them! (02:01)
C04. Jena - Misplaced Loyalties (02:16)
C05. Magellan's - A Port in the Storm (02:44)
C06. Carefree Days (01:58)
C07. The Only Way is Forward (01:47)
C08. Puzzle - Got Your Back (02:59)

D01. One Story Ends, Another Begins (03:05)
D02. Hypothesis - One Step Forward (01:48)
D03. Lethe Security (02:37)
D04. Mistakes We Can't Erase (03:48)
D05. Puzzle - Towards the Truth (02:58)
D06. The Price of Justice (02:13)
D07. Honor's Theme (Vocal Ver.) (00:47) [Lyrics by Ed Fear]

2LP - Purple & Yellow Vinyls
VAT excl. €22,50