Mon voisin Totoro (Soundtrack Album)
by Joe Hisaishi

Les Studios Ghibli annoncent la sortie des bandes originales des films de Hayao Miyazaki composées par Joe Hisaishi, rééditées pour la première fois en vinyle. Retrouvez ici la bande originale du film "Mon voisin Totoro".

Studio Ghibli are announcing the release of Hayao Miyazaki's films' original soundtracks composed by Joe Hisaishi reissued for the first time in vinyl format. You will find here the original soundtrack of "My Neighbour Totoro".

  • Pochette Deluxe Replika / Deluxe Replika Sleeve
  • Bandeau "Obi" /  "Obi" 
  • Livret 4 pages illustré / 4 page booklet with original artwork


A1. Sanpo – Opening Theme Song (Inoue Azumi)
A2. May village
A3. Okake!
A4. Suddenly with May
A5. Twilight Wind
A6. not scared
A7. Let’s go ahead
A8. Mom
A9. Small Obake
A10. Totoro
A11. Taka Mori’s big tree
A12. Welcome

B13. Wind Street
B14. Soaked okeba
B15. Flight of the moonlit
B16. There is no May
B17. Cat bus
B18. good for you
B19. My Neighbor Totoro – Ending Theme Song (Inoue Azumi)
B20. Sanpo (with chorus / Azumi Inoue / Suginami Children’s Choir)

LP - Vinyl
VAT excl. €45,75