Mission: Impossible (Music From The Original Motion Picture Score)
by Danny Elfman

Mondo is proud to present the premiere vinyl release of Danny Elfman's incredible score to the film that started one of cinema's most celebrated franchises- MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (1996)

Side A
01. Sleeping Beauty
02. Mission: Impossible Theme
03. Red Handed
04. Big Trouble

Side B
05. Love Theme?
06. Mole Hunt
07. The Disc
08. Max Found
09. Looking For “Job”

Side C
10. Betrayal
11. The Heist
12. Uh-Oh!
13. Biblical Revelation

Side D
14. Phone Home
15. Train Time
16. Ménage à Trois
17. Zoom A
18. Zoom B


2LP Black Vinyls 2022
VAT excl. €32,50