Madlib Medicine Show Vol.3 - Beat Konducta In Africa
by Madlib

Album instrumental hip-hop produit par Madlib, inspiré et basé sur les disques africains du début des années 1970 - des vinyles obscurs issus des mouvements afro-beat, funk, psych-rock, garage-rock & soul originaires d'Afrique.


Madlib follows Flight To Brazil, with the third installment of the Medicine Show series and the fourth installment in his Beat Konducta Series: Beat Konducta in Africa, containing 37 instrumental hiphop tracks. Previous entries include: Beat Konducta: Movie Scenes, Beat Konducta: in India and Beat Konducta: Dil Cosby and Dil Withers Suites.

Beat Konducta In Africa contains over forty instrumental hip hop tracks produced and mixed by Madlib. This epic “beat tape” springs from obscure vinyl gems culled from the afro-beat, funk, psych, garage-rock, prog-rock and soul movements of countries as diverse as Zambia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Botswana and the Ivory Coast.

Tracklist :
A1. Motherland
A2. The Frontline (Liberation)
A3. Raw Introduction To Africa
A4. African Voodoo Queen (Drama)
A5. Jungle Shoundz (Part One)
A6. The Struggle To Unite (One Africa)
A7. Mandingoswing
A8. Endless Cold (Lovelost)
A9. Chant 2
B1. Afrosound Panorama
B2. Hunting Theme
B3. Yafeu
B4. Afritonic Pt. 1
B5. Afritonic Pt. 2
B6. Tradition
B7. Spearthrow For Oh No
B8. Tear Gas And Bullets For Freedom
B9. Heritage Sip
C1. Land Of The Drum
C2. Red, Black And Green Showcase
C3. Blackfire
C4. Obataive
C5. Warrior's Theme
C6. Mtima
C7. African Map Watch
C8. Street Hustler
C9. Kanika
D1. Chant 3
D2. The Show (Inner View)
D3. Brothers And Sisters
D4. Freedom Play
D5. African Bounce
D6. Umi (Life) LP
D7. Natural Sound Waves
D8. Jungle Sounds Pt. 2
D9. Mighty Force
D10. Unika (Outro)

Label : Madlib Invazion

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