Lord Of The Basics
by Gilb'r

Après plusieurs années passées à Amsterdam, le boss de Versatile Gilb’R a selectionné 8 morceaux de ses jams amstello-damois.

Un résultat entre synth-pop, dub, house 90’s et techno qui reflètent les influences et le panorama musical de cette figure de l’électronique française.


Being in a different place and a different studio context changed some things for Gilb’R. The Versatile boss and half of Château Flight selected those 8 tracks, some short, some longer, from his studio sessions in Amsterdam where he has been living for the past 5 years. Reflections of the mind of Gilb’R and thus exploring many sides, from late night techno to West Indies non sense vocals,from dubby/moody sounds to ambient scapes.

Tracklist :
1. Entrez !
2. Nouvel Horizon
3. Jah, Il Sait
4. No Time Is The Right Time
5. What's My Name
6. Lord Of The Basics
7. Le Zouk du Crepsule
8. For(Ever) Zdar

Label : Versatile

LP 2019
VAT excl. €13,33