by Duñe

For this first EP, he leads us into a balade which he has the secret. Trough a sensitive pop support by Hip Hop/ Soul productions carefully distilled, Duñe deliver an emotional journey ! Opening with Leos, the intro is atmospheric and predict an introspective quest... Smile Together catch us and fix in our head an heady melody, with a poetic message. Tension goes up and the EP rise another level with the firsts rhythmic of Time; Duñe knows how to produce Hip Hop. Track after track range of colors reveals themselves under our eyes, from red to purple, the adventure is sensory. You Got Me is a catchy track which will give you no rest, as if it was to take more pleasure to enjoy the epilogue of the story... With She’s Not the EP ends up with a promise: meet Duñe soon in another journey, even more rich in emotions !

12inch Vinyl 2016
VAT excl. €10,00

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