La Fam Ill
by Too Many T's

LA FAM ILL is a multi genre, alt Hip Hop album, featuring a heavy dose of classic old school beats that weave their way from bouncy dub & upbeat guitar led funk beats, to modern electro infused hip hop underpinned with dirty synth lines. With a different producer on every track there is a plethora of musical styles all tied together with the T’s.

Too Many T’s showcase buoyant playful tongue in cheek lyrics teaching us not to take life too seriously with their notorious back-to-back double-time raps, whilst sitting comfortably alongside much deeper and more reflective song writing. This is an album that travels the world both figuratively, and literally.

LA FAM ILL’s journeys reflect those of the band’s protagonists, Leon and Ross, floating effortlessly through a forest of stories both lived and witnessed – the effects of climate change, class warfare, and the difficulties of maintaining friendships as we grow up.

Each track has its own special twist created by the colossal lineup of French Hiphop artists including: Atili, ASM, Chill Bump, Chinese Man, Djar One, Form, Hippocampe Fou, La Fine Equipe, MB14, Proleter, Pumpkin & VinS Da Cuero, Smokey Joe & The Kid and Yoshi Di Original.

(A) 1. Show Tonight Ft. ASM
(A) 2. Freaky Ft. La Fine Equipe x Hippocampe Fou
(A) 3. Work Ethic Ft. Chill Bump
(A) 4. Everyday People Ft. ProleteR
(A) 5. 1992 Pt 4 Ft. Pumpkin & Vin's da Cuero
(A) 6. MB14 interlude

(B) 7. Earth Is F*cked Ft. Djar One
(B) 8. Quest Ft. Atili
(B) 9. Cant' Understand Ft. Smokey Joe & The Kid / Yoshi Di Original
(B) 10. Have A Word Ft. FORM
(B) 11. Allez Ft. Chinese Man
(B) 12. Wait (Outro)

LP CD 2019
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