by In Love With A Ghost

a story about witches, magic and friendship

-Repress on Clear Purple Vinyl
-Limited to 500 units

art by sarlisart: sarlisart.tumblr.com

-azerty is voiced by geo mae on track 9
-piano performed by unknown / in love with a ghost
-qwerty accidentally destroyed 6 basses during the recording of the project
-witchsynth performed by azerty and nemu
-tchou tchou performed by wagner
-the grumpy cup of tea recorded some ambient sounds and foleys

Tracklist : 
A1. introduction
A2. i was feeling down then i found a nice witch and now we're best friends
A3. welcome at azerty and querty's
A4. Chilling at nemu's place
A5. I know it's not easy but you're not alone anymore

B1. qwerty enchanted the house and now it's attacking us 
B2. let's walk across the forest, i can feel that everything is real again
B3. am i a girl? am i a boy? do i really care
B4. Healing

12" Clear Purple Vinyl LP 2021
VAT excl. €13,33

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