Countdown 'Til Napalm
by Colonna

A1 The Countdown (Bomb Ignited)
A2 Gun Powder Featuring – Arewhy, HQ The Pharoahe, Thanos
A3 C-4 Featuring – Arewhy, Sincere Amakulate, Thanos
A4 Napalm In The Morning Featuring – Arewhy
A5 Stuck In The Hood Featuring – Arewhy, Thanos
A6 Genocide Featuring – Thanos
A7 The Four P.O.W.s Featuring – Arewhy, J-Proda, Killa Casmo, Thanos

B1 Battlefield Infantry Featuring – Arewhy, Klipsé, Sincere Amakulate, Thanos
B2 Guerilla War Featuring – Arewhy, Smoothe Da Hustler, Thanos
B3 Morefiend Featuring – Arewhy, Sincere Amakulate, Thanos
B04 New York Cooperator Featuring – Arewhy
B05 Wild Arms Featuring – Arewhy, Sincere Amakulate, Thanos
B06 You Don't Know Me Featuring – Arewhy, Thanos
B07 Explosion Featuring – Arewhy, J-Proda, Sincere Amakulate, Thanos, Vast Aire
12inch Vinyl
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