Castlevania III - Dracula S Curse
by Konami Kukeiha Club

For the first time as vinyl and to celebrate its 30 years existence, Mondo presents the soundtrack from the Castelvania III: Dracula's curse, released for the first time on Nitendo in 1989. Included for the 28 titles, the two versions ( Side A and Side B).


Pour la première fois en vinyle et pour célébrer ses 30 ans d'existence, Mondo vous présente la bande originale du jeu Castlevania III: La malédiction de Dracula, sorti pour la première fois en 1989 sur Nintendo. Inclus pour les 28 titres, les deux versions: Nes & Famicom (Face A et face B).

Tracklist :
NES Version
A1 Prelude
A2 Epitaph
A3 Prayer
A4 Beginning
A5 Boss Fight
A6 Block Clear
A7 Destiny
A8 Clockwork
A9 Encounter
A10 Mad Forest
A11 Anxiety
A12 Rising
A13 Dead Beat
B14 Stream
B15 Nightmare
B16 Aquarius
B17 Demon Seed
B18 Deja Vu (Vampire Killer)
B19 Riddle
B20 Pressure
B21 Overture
B22 Big Battle
B23 Boss 3
B24 All Clear
B25 Evergreen
B26 Flashback
B27 Player Out
B28 Game Over

Famicom Version (VRC6 Chip Audio)
C1 Prelude
C2 Epitaph
C3 Prayer
C4 Beginning
C5 Boss Fight
C6 Block Clear
C7 Destiny
C8 Clockwork
C9 Encounter
C10 Mad Forest
C11 Anxiety
C12 Rising
C13 Dead Beat
D14 Stream
D15 Nightmare
D16 Aquarius
D17 Demon Seed
D18 Deja Vu (Vampire Killer)
D19 Riddle
D20 Pressure
D21 Overture
D22 Big Battle
D23 Boss 3
D24 All Clear
D25 Evergreen
D26 Flashback
D27 Player Out
D28 Game Over

2 LP - Gatefold Sleeve 2017
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