Among Everything Else
by Tigers & Flies

Raised on the salted air and pebbled beaches amidst the faded seaside opulence of Brighton, Tigers & Flies spent much of their formative years building a friendship forged on a diet of the melodies and rhythms to be found deep within their parents’ wildly eclectic record collections. A worthy and noble pursuit for anyone, from those wonderfully endless hours, those bottomless cups of tea great ideas can flourish. Tigers & Flies are a great and flourishing idea.

Tigers and Flies enjoy a rare sense of musical individuality. And the musicality they bring is something of note. Their sound belies their years and it begs us to continue the search with them. The search for something fresh in pop music. And then it delivers. There’s much to hear. Something rich for us all.

From the bounce and sunny optimism of Orange Juice to the brutalist edge of Gang of Four. From XTC to Bacharach. Each listen offers more. A harmony appears where you’re convinced there wasn’t one before, or a rhythmic change you hadn’t noticed. A lyrical twist. Harmonies that seem to float in through an open window.


Looking In:
1. Night Time Mood
2. Ben
3. Bat And Ball
4. Don’t Let Her Walk Away
5. Headspace

Looking Out:
1. In My Skin
2. Half
3. Pretty Good At Doing Fine
4. Not Today
5. Somers Town Part Two

Arthur Arnold – Guitars & Vocals
Eddie Wigin – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Arvin Johnson – Drums & Backing Vocals
Matteo Fernandes – Trumpet / Flugel
Risha Alimchandani – Trombone
Harry Badger – Saxophone

Label : Violette Records 

10inch vinyl 2021
VAT excl. €21,67