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Tee Lopes

My name is Tee Lopes and I'm a composer, arranger, writer and sound designer. I was born in Portugal and have been living in the USA since 2002. I am a self-taught musician who discovered composition at a tender age. A stage lover, I formed my first band  at 9 years-old and have been involved in several musical acts ever since. As a teenager in 2005, I fell in love with hip-hop and eventually wrote and released tracks in Portuguese, some of which went viral amongst Portuguese-speaking listeners.

In 2007, after producing countless instrumentals for ascending rappers, came the odd opportunity to compose for a videogame - an industry I quickly fell in love with. After some years split between handling small indie projects, releasing remixes on YouTube and composing for artists, the definite shift to games came in 2013 with my first full-fledged game soundtrack for PagodaWest's highly acclaimed "Major Magnet", for which I also created sound-effects.

"Major Magnet" helped me to establish myself as a videogame composer, and in 2015, I was invited to provide brand-new tracks, as well as arrangements for the award-winning game "Sonic Mania", which was released in 2017. Since "Sonic Mania", I've worked on other SEGA projects like the animated series "Sonic Mania Adventures" (2018) and "Team Sonic Racing" (2019) with composer Jun Senoue. I also composed and wrote lyrics to the English version of FDG's hit title "Monster Boy". My first album "Youniverse" was released in December of 2018, and is available in every digital store.

My mission is to work closely with other creative minds and help bring magical worlds to life through my music.

I pride myself in my working conduct, speed and versatility, and always look to provide creative answers to the task at hand. I believe in honesty, hard work, open-mindedness, practicality and passion!

Please take a stroll through my website, I hope you enjoy my music!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - Dimension Shellshock (Original Game Soundtrack)
Tee Lopes Streets of Rage 4: Mr X Nightmare Release LP Brave Wave Productions
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