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Superparka is Paco&Simon, two chill dudes living in Paris. Glorifying the DIY spirit, their music flirts with lofi hip-hop, garage house and rnb, influenced among others by Jai Paul, Animal Collective and video game soundtracks. They started SuperParka in late 2017 with the pop/rnb missile « GIRL », praised by Miguel and synched on an Apple campaign. Later in 2018 they released their first mixtape called « sushi boubou #1 » with the nostalgic anthem « skip » which instantly became a fan favorite and allowed them to display darker vibes with their music.

In 2020, they released with Kitsuné the singles « you » and « kawabunga! » (once again synched to an Apple campaign), followed by their sophomore mixtape logically called « sushi boubou #2 » incorporating dance and french touch influences to their sound. The beats are faster, we hear bongos, lasers, Daft Punk filters, Tame Impala flangers and even Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 samples. In the strange year of global pandemic, they see the mixtape as an invitation to surf the world.

Throughout 2021/22, while producing for french artists like Eddy de Pretto, The Pirouettes, abroad artists like Miike Snow, Shiv, Bishop Briggs, also remixing songs for L’Impératrice, Cautious Clay, Tim Ayre… they released 3 mysterious singles, the dnb track « brainfreeze! », the 90s inspired ‘buffy the vampire slayer’ song « tangible » & the futuristic ambient trap beat « (unconditional love) », preparing their fans for the future of Superparka.



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Quatro - Limited - Includes 2 Bonus Tracks & Stickers
Superparka Quatro - Limited - Includes 2 Bonus Tracks & Stickers Release LP
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