Pi Ja Ma

Pi Ja Ma is a musician, an illustrator and a scent diffuser 👩🏻
Further info here: https://beacons.ai/pijamaofficial


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Pi Ja Ma Seule sous ma frange (Extension) - CD Limited Release CD Bleepmachine
Sale price20,00 €
Risographie La Maroquinerie 2023
Pi Ja Ma Risographie La Maroquinerie 2023 Merch Bleepmachine
Sale price20,00 €
Stickers Nice To Meet U - Planche 1
Seule sous ma frange - Poster
Nice To Meet U - LP Signé
Nice To Meet U
Pi Ja Ma Nice To Meet U Release LP Bleepmachine
Sale price22,00 €
Nice To Meet U - CD Signé
Nice To Meet U - CD
Pi Ja Ma Radio Girl EP Release 10inch Bleepmachine
Sale price13,00 €
Radio Girl EP (By The River Cover art)
Radio Girl EP (In The Air Cover art)
T-Shirt Batterie
Pi Ja Ma T-Shirt Batterie Merch 2 colors available Bleepmachine
Sale price20,00 €
T-shirt Nice To Meet U (Faces)
T-Shirt Piano
Pi Ja Ma T-Shirt Piano Merch 1 color available Bleepmachine
Sale price20,00 €
T-Shirt Basse
Pi Ja Ma T-Shirt Basse Merch 1 color available Bleepmachine
Sale price20,00 €
Ponytail/Family - 7" Vinyl
Tote Bag Batterie
Pi Ja Ma Tote Bag Batterie Merch Tote Bag Bleepmachine
Sale price12,00 €
Tote Bag Nice To Meet U (Faces)