Nicolas Bredin


Graduated in Musicology, Nicolas explored throughout his academic research the infinite ways of expression offered by sound & music. Trained by renowned composers of electroacoustic and contemporary music, he focuses his work on sound synthesis, always motivated by creating new sound & musical textures. Guitar instrumentist, he learned piano in the context of writing for four voices. Working in various domains (multimedia and audiovisual productions), he is a veteran in the video game industry and co-founds Parallel Studio in 2016. With Parallel Studio, he composed the music of EqqO with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and created the post rock project Hanging Fields, in 2021. His tastes and musical influences are wide, ranging from classical to rock, he particularly likes music called minimalist with strong and simple melodies. For Under the Waves, the music is a mix of differents styles inspired by the sound of 80/90’s and analogue sounds like Vangelis, contemporary composers as Olafur Arnalds, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Max richter and post rock band as Mogwai or Radiohead for their pianistic and tonal approach (ambiguity minor/major).




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Under the Waves (Original Game Soundtrack)