Midori (Menace) is a 29 years old french artist. In a few years, he became a major actor of the new hip hop future beat scene. Producer of electronic music, he has two EPs to his credit and has made many collaborations internationally. He has also been a guest on several radio shows and has done residencies at Rinse France, NTS and Worldwide FM among others. In 2012, Mido left to live in Japan for a few years, where he was very influenced by the different artistic and philosophical perspectives. The many trips back and forth he still makes there today as well as his travels to the United States have allowed him to develop a rich network in the underground music world. In 2015, he founded the label MENACE, before creating the project SENSE five years later. He conceived his project as a platform for progressive and alternative music. Midori's suave and organic universe takes us on a ride in a melo-jazz and chill universe, creating a personal electronic fusion to deliver an epic sensory experience.




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Over EP (feat Clara Cappagli)
Midori Over EP (feat Clara Cappagli) Release 7inch SENSE
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