Some stories start in a rather unconventional way. When Charles, Paul, Noah and Theo met, they knew they had in common their passion for music. Reuniting every week, friendship and creation grew together punctuated by everlasting coffee-breaks and shares of dreams, ultimately forming the Later. band. In-between their two home-made studios in the bustling district of Pigalle or a tranquil suburban house a couple of hours away from Paris, the band is full of contradictions and has a thirst to stay out of the conventional schemes of the industry. English-speaking but French, their songs find inspiration in a variety of styles and eras (pop, soul, french-touch, rock…) in order to craft an intimate, spontaneous yet richly-produced music. In 2019, their story draws attention of French label Kitsuné which releases their first single ‘L.Y.E’. Soon after, they engage with the label Cookie Records and sign their first two EPs ‘On Time’ and ‘The Daydream’, played on multiple radios in France: Nova, FIP and France Inter. They are added to numerous editorial playlists on streaming platforms. The French news describes them as the legacy from Daft Punk in a special broadcast about the iconic duo. Only one year into the project, French artist and tastemaker Bon Entendeur features the rising group on their first compilation with the track ‘Get Up!’. Their star track ‘Highway 10’ even gets played and shared from space by astronaut Thomas Pesquet on his last mission. Transposing their home studio to real live shows, their first concerts in Paris are sold out. Already teased with singles and music videos reaching up to MTV Mexico, or Netflix’s show Emily in Paris, their first full length project ‘Walking on the Line’ will be released the 17th of March 2023.


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