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Created in 2016, Inside Records is the culmination of over 10 years of musical discoveries on the YouTube channel Electro Posé. It quickly established itself as a real talent scout on the French and international scene. Inside Records has notably launched the artist " Petit Biscuit " by signing his first single. The label is part of an Electro Chill aesthetic.

Specialized in digital, the label is constantly seeking to innovate in order to meet the new challenges of the industry's transformation. Benefiting from the influence of the Electro Posé YouTube channel, Inside Records gives its artists access to all its musical partners through its network of 30 million subscribers on YouTube, 10 million subscribers on Soundcloud and 2 million subscribers on Spotify.​

The label accompanies young artists, from artistic direction, through recording, creation of video content as well as promotion and discovery of the project to the general public.





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Smile Again - Vinyl
Broken Back Smile Again - Vinyl Release LP Inside Records
Prix de vente25,00 €
Smile Again - CD
Broken Back Smile Again - CD Release CD Inside Records
Prix de vente13,00 €
Vinyl Pack SUN + HER
SUN - Vinyl
Mr Tout le Monde HER Release Inside Records
Prix de vente20,00 €
Inside Records, Vol. 1
Various Artists Inside Records, Vol. 1 Release Inside Records
Prix de vente20,00 €
Always A Light On - Vinyl