PULSTAR The Definitive Soundtrack
by Harumi Fujita

SNK and Brave Wave Productions are proud to reveal their third collaboration, Generation Series 009: PULSTAR for CD and vinyl. Originally released for NEO GEO in 1995, 2D shooter PULSTAR became a cult classic among SNK fans, featuring fast-paced gameplay, graphics and music. The soundtrack is composed by ex-SNK composer Harumi Fujita.

PULSTAR The Definitive Soundtrack features the entirety of the original music remastered and restored to the highest possible quality, in collaboration and consultation with SNK and original composer Harumi Fujita. This re-release features both the Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo CD versions of the PULSTAR soundtrack, giving fans a choice of which arrangements to listen to. PULSTAR The Definitive Soundtrack on CD and vinyl will feature a booklet containing artwork from the SNK archives, in addition to in-depth track-by-track liner notes written by composer Fujita herself.

Fujita recalls her feelings on each song, detailing the methodology in which they were created and what inspired their direction, which includes historical events that occurred in Japan during the mid-1990s. PULSTAR The Definitive Soundtrack features an exclusive cover drawn during the game’s development but has never been publicly revealed until now. Fans of the original package design will find it reproduced faithfully in the center gatefold. ©SNK CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. LICENSED FOR USE BY BRAVE WAVE PRODUCTIONS.

CD 2LP Blue & Silver Vinyls 2LP, CD 2019
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